Athletes ages 13-18 can expect to achieve gains in:

  • First step quickness
  • Lateral speed
  • Explosiveness off the ball
  • Top end speed

Our program is technique driven with a focus on:

  • Proper body position
  • Ground strike
  • Efficient muscle recruitment

The program is age appropriate and will vary for different fitness levels. Sessions will be structured to focus on three key components of speed mechanics:

  • Acceleration
  • Max velocity
  • Multi directional movement

All sessions will include explosive plyometric movements, core and conditioning.

*We will also provide specific training for high school athletes planning to attend local and national combine events. Sessions will be dedicated to improving scores on combine tests.

Friday Night Lights 2017
Program Outline

Dates: Fridays, April 7 – July 21

Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Location: Jefferson HS

All sessions include 40 yd electronic timing, vertical jump test, and broad jump test.

Week One – Acceleration Exercises

This week will be an introductory week to our Acceleration workouts and what is comprised of those workouts. One main focus will be the athlete’s ―triple extension while coming out of a two point or three point stance. Triple extension is extremely important in football because it is the base of explosiveness and power used by all athletes on the field. We will work on strengthening the extension of the athletes during wall drills, broad jumps and explosive plyometrics.

Week Two – Acceleration Exercises

Week two will build off of week one, we will review the importance of triple extension and how that relates to the game. We will work on the foot quickness of the athlete and how to improve the athletes in the first five yards off the line of scrimmage. We will work on the athlete’s ―double leg drive and concentrate mostly on the premise of pure acceleration focusing on ―Big Force, Short Time.

Week Three – Multi directional

This week will focus on the ability to efficiently and explosively move in multiple directions. We will focus on the ability to execute a complex chain of movements in a fast and graceful manner. We will combine the ability of dynamic balance, coordination, strength, reaction and anticipation which is vital in athletics.

Week Four – Multi-directional

This week will build from the previous three weeks of foot quickness as well as all the components of making cuts and power moves during the game. We will work a wide variety of drills from the pro-agility to the L-drill which are major testing points for most football combines. We will teach proper body positioning, foot placement and overall coordination of the entire body during these football specific drills.

Week Five – Max Velocity

The objective this week will focus on the improvement of running at top speed, whether it is during the 40 yard dash at the combine, breaking a big run for a touchdown or running a deep post to beat the safety down the middle. We will focus on correct body positioning from a biomechanics standpoint and concentrate on body lean and leg cycle.

Week Six – Acceleration Combine

Specific introduction to combine tests that measure acceleration.
Methods for improving test scores will be emphasized and coaches will help athletes understand how training exercises practiced throughout the program benefit the athlete with these tests.

Week Seven & Eight – Multidirectional Combine

These weeks will focus on the foundational athleticism involved with the integrative movement and sports-specific movements involved in the testing for combines. All athletes will be tested on various combine tests and will be provided their test results. the most relevant tests associated with the training techniques learned will be performed.